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Tool and TipsThis Tips & Tools section includes techniques and equipment working together that we have found are especially helpful in making progress in the 5 actionable areas of a full recovery. These typically are for use after primary inpatient and outpatient therapy have ended or been greatly reduced and some function has been restored. In other words as you move toward fitness, wellness, and long term full recovery. These should not be attempted without the assistance of someone who is strong and attentive enough to help you until you are sure you can safely perform the technique on your own. Nevertheless, stretching, fitness activities, and exercise after stroke are like swimming, it is never a good idea to do it alone.

Arm, Wrist & Hand

WBV Assisted Stretching – Arm, Wrist & Hand

Stair & Railing Assisted Stretching

Strap Assisted Stretching

Arm Normalizer

NeuroIFRA Hand Paddle

NeuroIFRA Paddle Spatula

Estim Technigues

Shoulder & Torso

Corner Push

Ball on the Wall

On The Bench


WBV Assisted Stretching – Legs

On The Mat

Leg Wheel

Skate Board

Ski Machine

Stationary Bike

Mini Trampoline

Assisted Fitness Machine Techniques


Planar Stretching – Night

Planar Stretching – Day

Toe Lifting

Estim Technigues


Side Isolating Sit-ups

Walking & Gait

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Estim Technigues

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